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Milkround Madness!!

Posted by Stuart on 16 January 2008

This will be possibly the shortest blog I will ever send.....time is money at this particular point in my MBA career - literally!

The "Milkround" is the recruiting season that we are all now heavily involved with. The scene:

1. One MBA student (without a finance/business background)
2. 100s of companies to potentially apply to with presentations every day and deadlines to meet
3. 4+ core course and 2 electives this term (one at UCL on exchange)
4. 24h in the day

If you think the maths don't really add up, you would ordinarily be correct. But this is business school, somehow there does seem to be 25h in the day if you look really hard and are super-duper organised!

My top tips for the milkround:

1. Start early (November is preferable)
2. Rest well on Christmas break
3. Have a good idea of what you want to do (being a financi-consultanti-industry type employee does not really work!)
4. Have CVs and cover letters prepared for each choice
5. Do your research
6. Keep smiling - there IS light at the end of the tunnel!

Now off to meet the deadlines for the Capital Group/Amgen and Wellington Management!

More to follow I hope.....


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