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Milk Round

Posted by Debasri on 11 January 2008

I have more respect for what Matt writes than what he says and I tend to agree, to a great extent with most of what he has to say about the milk round. In the absence of the Hollywood writers, I will gallantly come to his rescue (talk about 'times, they are a changing') and add point 6.

6) Try and make it to the gym or buy larger clothes. With all the free and fattening food, the suits might increasingly become a bit tough to breathe in. And in case you are doing up your wardrobe now, I'd recommend you buy one a size larger. That being said and done, I’ll get to why I started writing this post in any case.

When we came to school, we were being narrated horror stories by those in the 08 batch and before of how difficult it will be to speak to company representatives at the networking event, of how friends turn into foes and how elbows are overworked (from either elbowing in or others out of circles surrounding the company representatives) and the 6-pack goes sore from being jibed at. I tend to understand what would cause such behaviour, but that does not necessarily mean that I agree with it.

My own, personal, first hand experience at these events have been markedly different. And the few others I have discussed this with also tend to agree with me. The atmosphere was obviously tense and purposeful, and the US economy, together with the mortgageholders could not have better timed their performances, but at the same time we all remembered that we are human beings in an educated and civilised society. I didn’t have to push anyone and nor was I pushed around, I got to speak to whoever I wanted to without anyone trying to outspeak or outwit me and every time I tried ‘breaking into’ a group, someone did indeed make place for me !

I am not going to attempt to analyse this experience beyond what it was, but I am glad that at the end of the day, we all chose to continue to be who we are and not transform ourselves into attention seeking, self aggrandizing, individualistic monsters.


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