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我们在吃早饭 (we are having breakfast)

Posted by Jerome on 11 December 2007

No day can start without a hearty breakfast. Mike, Irfan, John and I are staying in a very nice hotel (thanks to corporate discounts!), where we have a pretty nice continental/chinese breakfast. After that you're set for the rest of the day.
None of us could eat at the buffet held by Merril Lynch yesterday. We had a very nice experience there. Four people presented us the various aspects of the firm, and opened the floor for a 30mn Q&A session. We then moved on to another room where a buffet was served and 15 other employees joined us. They ranged from VP to head of the region. That was very informative. On our way out we were given a few gifts (among them a laptop case!).
We also saw Goldman Sachs, along with 2 Chicago schools. A partner gave us a very interesting speech about his career path and the culture at the firm. He was followed by a panel of new associate, most of them former business school students.
Then after a few refreshments we headed to Soho when we went through 45 minutes worth of escalator! Pretty cool neighbourhood. We finished the day with drinks with Olympus (a Private Equity firm) where we had some very good insight into the PE world.
Today is gonna be a long day, UBS and Citi, with hopefully a stop at the Victoria Peak at lunch time!


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