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第一天我们在香港 (1st day in Hong-Kong)

Posted by Jerome on 10 December 2007

Here we are, in Asia. We had a pretty good flight from London, 11 of us in the same aircraft, that was kind of cool. Landing in Kong-Kong is just like entering a swimming pool. We came from 10 degree (celcius) to 22.
After checking in the hotel we took a quick midnight walk, wearing short sleeves shirts! Now we're about to start our marathon. We're meeting with Merril Lynch and Goldman Sachs this afternoon. Then we'll meet a couple of private equity people at the pub. Look forward to that.
We still have our take home exam to complete though, not sure when we'll find the time... Maybe at 6AM when we're too jetlagged to sleep!
More news to come very soon...


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