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The Calm Before the Storm

Posted by Matthew on 13 November 2007

You might be wondering where everybody has gone... Or maybe not. But if you are, November is apparently the busiest month of London Business School. I do not know if this is true for all business schools, but it is here. So, to cut the proverbial stress with a knife, the MBA Office has decided to offer a De-Stress Week. This week the following are being offered:

1) Free Massages
2) Chocolate Indulgences
3) British Breakfasts (By the way, is there anything in the British diet that is health conscious? -- I mean, I love clotted cream and scones as much as the next guy...)

So, this has been a surprisingly pleasant and relaxed week. Of course, next week involves the dreaded corporate finance midterm (not a final!). But I choose not to focus on that... I prefer to focus on my return to New York in December and my New Year's vacation in the Italian Alps. Have I made you jealous yet? Well, hopefully about everything except British breakfasts...


Thanks Matt for the fantastic feedback!!
I will simply have to hold a Mini De Stress Day in the future.
Best of luck in your exams,
Ainsley Fok.
MBA Reception.

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