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Should I stay, shoudl I go... on the Hong-Kong trek

Posted by Jerome on 09 November 2007

Just to give you the background of this post: it's Friday 1AM, later I have an early breakfast (7:30AM) organised by and at the school featuring an MBA alumnus (now senior executive) then a 12 hour exam in Strategy. "What the heck is that?" you might say. Well it's a 9AM-9PM strategy case we will be working on in study group. Great team experience (at least before starting, I will give you the follow up!) on a case we were given the background a few days ago. Then well deserved birthday drinks.

So HKG trek. Career services put together a couple of treks. Matt already told you about the New-York one. This time we're off to Hong-Kong. Taking mandarin classes, I couldn't miss the opportunity. However it was a bit of a dilemma. First financially, then logistically. I managed to work out the money aspect of it (I guess I will have to cut some expenses in London) but it creates some conflicts in the course schedule for those who are interested in the International Exchange Program (which I am). Given that I joined the crew at the last minute (my bad here) I only had 2 days to figure all the details out: estimate pricing for flight and accommodation, reach out to second year students already in exchange, discuss with the MBA office the options to adapt my class schedule. A bit hectic I have to admit, next time I hope I will wake up a bit earlier.

Of course, this sort of things happen when the workload reaches a peak in the term. How can you cope with that? Exercise! Keep your body in shape, that is the key to go through all this without falling asleep in the financial accounting class!

Got to go now but stay tuned, more info will be posted. Don, my fellow blogger, is part of the party! He'll be posting nice pics. As far as I am concerned, I will be working on a little video!

PS: 1st stage applicants we're 1 week to the interview decision, so I hope you're back in business and reading this blog!


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