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The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs!

Posted by Stuart on 20 October 2007

So I feel the time has come for bloggers to unite, one and all and give a hand to one our MBA clan!

My colleague and friend Gabriele is on a mission to 'shadow' Steve Jobs, the brain of Apple Inc. and one of the most unconventional CEOs in business history. We had the good fortune of studying the rise, fall and rise of again of Steve during our Understanding General Management (UGM) classes and I have to say he is certainly a 'leader' rather than a 'manager', a visionary and a sure fire indication that success in business is more complex than simply having the right 'tools'.

Gabriele has worked hard to contact Steve through a number of avenues and has his own blog dedicated to shadowing Steve which you can read by clicking here 

There is a rather famous 'Fake Steve ' blog that has actually mentioned Gabriele's efforts (click here to read it) and although not entirely complimentary (this is the usual 'style' of the blog so it is actually quite in keeping with how Mr. Jobs himself might actually write!) it will increase the chances that the real Steve will actually read it. Rumour has it that Steve Jobs does actually read the 'Fake Steve' blog so there is some hope for Gabriele.....

The shadowing project (although now no longer compulsory) provides the opportunity to spend up to a week with a high profile manager/CEO/CFO etc. watching how they 'do business' in real terms, in the work-place and whilst following their normal, daily routine. I think it is a fantastic idea, although at present have no idea who I want to shadow (now that Steve Jobs is taken!!!). London Business School is very supportive of experiential learning and we are encouraged to really experience business within the corporate setting rather than simply be 'spoon-fed' a business education. It is one of the main reasons why I like the school curriculum and why I believe the students here are a bit more rounded when they enter the work-place!

So although 'Fake Steve' is not a big fan of business-school education, the hope is that the 'Real Steve' might realise that what Gabriele is trying to do is simply emulate this experiential learning but on a grander scale. I personally wish him every success and promise that next time the 'Mac parade' happens I will come along with my shiny white MacBook and support his efforts. Anything as high profile as shadowing someone like Steve will not only be a coup d etat for Gabriele but also a great achievement for us at London Business School....

If you wished to do the same, then have a look at his blog and send him a message of support!



This job shadow program sounds brilliant to me and I can picture the real Steve going along with it! But you're right, now that he's taken, it will be challenging to come up with someone equally interesting for you to shadow...

I must appreciate Gabriele’s efforts in shadowing Steve Jobs, the famous CEO of Apple Inc. Our society is in dire need of true business leaders like Steve who can turn odd situations to his way. At least London Business School is focusing on experimental learning similar to Gabriele’s shadowing mission to create leaders among its students.

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