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Steve B

Posted by Matthew on 02 October 2007

Steve Ballmer (CEO Microsoft) came to London Business School yesterday.  Well, technically the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, but we will let that slide.  He spoke to a full house that was eager to hear Steve Ballmer comment on vision, leadership, and Microsoft's goals for the future.  He also demonstrated a new product called Microsoft Surface.  I won't elaborate on that too much since I am not paid by Microsoft, well, yet...  Nonetheless, it was very cool and it was a great experience to be able to see a leader that you see in the news up close. It reminded me of back when I was at the University of California (who happen to be Nr 3 in College Football!!!). 

Anyways, Steve Ballmer only had time to take several questions at the end, but he encouraged us to send our follow-up questions to his Microsoft e-mail account, and I did.  And shockingly enough, he replied only four hours later.  He even answered my question.


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