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I'm just a poor boy, and my project's still untold... (The Shadower)

Posted by Jerome on 29 October 2007

You guys all remember Gabriele who's trying to shadow Steve Jobs (cf. Stuart's post). Well now that he has Fake Steve's attention he is working very hard to get the real Steve's. Last week, with the support of his stream (C that is, as in coolest) he sang a song he and Michal had composed. Such a great song couldn't stay away from this blog. That what an MBA is about: making the impossible happen by gathering people to your cause. Well this is one of the first episodes of a long long story which I hope will lead to a great shadowing project!

Good luck Gabriele, something tells me we'll see you again soon around here.

...with an apple in my hand, Steve oh Steve, I will shadow you and write you a report, ...with an apple in my hand...


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