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Good luck to all stage 1 candidates!!!

Posted by Jerome on 26 October 2007

it's been a week now since the deadline of the application submission for stage 1 MBA 2010 candidates. So if you have applied it is still fresh and you must be wondering "was I right to mention that in my essay?", "is my GMAT score good enough?" or even "I hope I am gonna get it, I hate my job, I just want to run away from it".

I am sure you're all tense. Well there is nothing you can do, alea jacta est. So from my own experience, best is to take time off the application, stop reading the blog (you'll catch up later) and relax. You need to be prepared to be yourself if you make it to the interview. It's another 3 weeks before the results are known so you have plenty of time to think about other things. When you're back though, you have to be at your best, honest, engaging and motivated.
Just to give you an idea, I am posting a video of one episode of the Brian Cho Show. Brian is in my stream (B that is, like best, bueno,...) and during the GLAM competition he got interviewed by the organiser. Well he didn't prepare anything, but remained himself and had the all lecture theatre in the palm of his had. Check it out, and remember to be yourself.

Good luck to you all


Wow, this is quite the challenge but I'm sure you're all up for it and I want to wish you the very best in putting your candidacy forward.

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