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Best study group: B9

Posted by Jerome on 13 October 2007

That happened last week at the end of the Managerial Economics class. The lecturer, excellent one by the way, very funny too (no wonder he's French!) made an announcement: "I have an announcement to make. Somebody's turning 30 today. I told myself "hmm interesting, somebody in the stream is born the same day and the same year as me". Then he added "being 80 in the room, the odds are that he will be somebody's birthday every week so we are not gonna celebrate them all". And I thought "this is a bright teacher".

But whose birthday was that? Well when one of my study group mate stood up, I was like "crap, that is me". I was quite embarrassed and extremely touched at the same time. All the more touched as they pulled out from nowhere the biggest cake I had ever seen. Alex invited the all stream to have a bite at the cake, which everybody did. That was quite impressive. So as soon as you receive your offer from the school, make sure you're in study group B9, because that is the best one.

PS: Alex, Jack, Kanwal, Sangyoung, Udi: a big thank you!


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