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Quiet days...

Posted by Jerome on 20 September 2007

I am in the middle of a 6-day weekend! September is the month when the MBA office spares the new students. Most of us haven't studied in a long long time so the rhythm is not too tough. If on top of that you add a waiver on statistics (that is one full day of class a week that becomes free) and no language requirement/assessment (I am gonna take Mandarin, but no need to assess myself, I just know 3 of the 3000 characters it takes to have a decent conversation) then the schedule tends to be light.
That is a great opportunity to spend some time thinking about what can be done in the associative space. Each nationality group, for instance, tries to put together a trip to their home countries; given that France is next door, we have to do the same at the French Club. I fear we're gonna compete with the dates though.
Time also to come up with a 'career strategy'. It's gonna be another 3 months before the official internship hunt kicks off, but it's never early enough to put one's thoughts together and run them by the career coaches.
Finally also a good time to browse the ocean of info the portal carries: speaker series, clubs meetings, class schedules, career services events, sports tournaments, library databases... A huge amount of information to digest, I wish the speed reading classes had started.
Some are said to have started preparing the class for the autumn term starting next month, but I haven't actually seen them.


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