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Prelude to Loving London

Posted by Debasri on 12 September 2007

I cannot even pretend that I am well traveled but I have been a few places and seen a few things. But the excitement has never been quite as palpable as at the time of my move to London. Yes, I am excited about escaping from the corporate jungle (albeit for a few months) into a safe and seemingly carefree student life, but I am more excited about ‘being a student in London’. I have read tomes on ‘The London Experience’ and now it’s my turn to get the proverbial ‘piece of the action’!

I have always wanted to stand at Piccadilly Circus in front of the statue of Eros and experience what it feels like to be standing at the center of civilization! On the quite not so dramatic a note, I am excited about the visiting the usual tourist attractions such as St Paul’s, Madame Tussaud’s, the National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum but at the same time, I also want to explore the quieter side of London, away from the maddening crowds and look forward to long walks at the many London greens. I look forward to attending the ‘Proms’ at the Royal Albert Hall or catching the occasional performance at the Royal Opera House. And while I take in the operatic extravaganzas of London, I look forward to ‘meeting’ the ghosts of Arthur Bourchier and Violet Melnotte at the Garrick and Duke of York theatres! And almost as soon as I reach London, it will be time for the Notting Hill festival and Indian Summers at the Regent’s Street Festival and I am invited! I look forward to losing myself in the Virgin and HMV stores and while I am enjoying my Parmesan ham sandwich and hot chocolate at Café Nero, I hope to catch, if only a fleeting glimpse of some of the iconoclastic music legends of our times. In short, I want to experience the London, which is a unique amalgamation of rich culture and heritage with modernity and cosmopolitanism. Needless to say, I look forward to ‘testing waters’ at the many pubs and watering holes in London and at the end of two years aim to be a quotable authority on the subject!

While I eagerly wait to ‘drink in’ these experiences, I know that it is the company of the friends I will make at School, which will make these experiences richer. I look forward to forging some lifelong friendships and earning membership to a closely-knit network across the globe – a home in every country represented in class, a network that would have started in London.

London, here I come!


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