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Last turn of the warm-up lap

Posted by Jerome on 26 September 2007

Yep that is it, vacation is almost officially over. September has been the month to start working on soft skills. After the CV workshop, followed by a one to one session with a coach and a half-day networking class, we spent a whole day dedicated to work on presentation skills.

Divided into groups of 6 students, one professional trainer video taped us and delivered a customised feedback. One of the most useful and engaging workshops so far, as we could comment not only on our performance but also on other's. The MBA office did a good job at grouping us differently from our usual study groups. More chances to get to know us, more nationalities to learn from, more professional backgrounds to interact with. I had some pretty useful take aways from that session: I need to be more concise, less wordy! Well after watching the tape, it's clear that I need to work on that. Not sure I should apply the same to my blog posts (I haven't received any feedback yet so I will continue :)

Thursday, Friday and Saturday (yes Saturday, you know that day which with Sunday forms weekends) we'll be wrapping up the month working on our global leadership skills. A global school has to develop global leadership skills, and I am looking forward to that 3 day class!

Then Monday, core courses kick off. The reading required for these is pretty thorough, a good mix of case studies and text books. On top of that the second year MBAs will be all back! Not only the campus is gonna be much busier but the student association activity is gonna take another dimension! Man, I haven't been that busy in months, since I resigned from my previous job...


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