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Help....I am trapped in the Windsor Castle!!!

Posted by Stuart on 16 September 2007

Now I don't want to alarm anyone here, so I will point out straight away that we fortunate few at London Business School have our very own 'Windsor Castle', the spiritual home of the MBA 2009s for the past few weeks and a great asset to the school community. Although not 'officially' part of the campus, the fact that we have our own secret entrance into the pub through the back and have a 'welcome' sign that actually sits on the wall within the courtyard that borders the school, I think technically we could say the pub is on our campus! The Windsor provides a very homely surrounding for us newbies and a place where you can almost guarantee seeing one or more class-mates after a hard day or week, sinking a few cold 'Maisel Weiss' German beers and chatting about the previous few days.....

Friday was our final day of UGM - Understanding General Management, and as a Pass/Fail course we were fortunate enough to be fairly confident that without any real shockers the vast majority of us will have passed comfortably. We had a couple of rather interesting assignments over the week (it is weird to be having homework again having spent the last seven years doing a 'proper' job) including describing our 'dream' job and also writing our own eulogy. The latter assignment might be considered a bit morbid by some and so we were given the option to write our retirement speech instead. It was very interesting to see the correlation between the dream job and eulogy in some cases and the divergence in others. Conceptually some of us are here to find the dream job that will also be part of our life path (myself included in this group) whilst others are fairly sure they wish their 'job' and 'life' to be two separate entities. Either way it was very interesting to see how our minds our working already and even more interesting to find a future potential 'Governor of Mars' in our class!!

So with a slight edge of confidence (we have not found out if we have actually passed yet!) my 'stream' caught up in the Windsor for a few hard earned beers, settled down to watch the rugby, and despite my home team getting a thrashing from South Africa the atmosphere was enough to temper my disappointment and make the evening pass away without so much as a tear....

The fact that the landlord lost a bet on the score and was serving free pints to those of us lucky enough to be in the rugby club did help :o)

So here it is...the mighty, the wonderful, 'Windsor':


     Windsor Castle Pub, Park Road

Next time you fancy a pint on Park Road make sure to come by and if you can find me amongst the throng of MBAs I might even shout you a pint of Maisel Weiss!


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