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And I thought I knew about time management!!!

Posted by Stuart on 11 September 2007

So here I am, settled in the very nice Seminar Room trying very hard to catch up with my new MBA life....

My previous job was all about time management, balancing a range of different meetings, clinics, treatment sessions and staff work. My new 'job' is much more simple yet 10 times more complex...how on earth do I fit in the million different social opportunities, clubs and sports around the class schedule. It is a challenge and a half and I have never before been quite so reliant on my beloved Mac and iCal to 'sort my life out'. But the fact I am having to 'worry' about how much of the social scene I can squeeze into the day is nothing to complain about and the fact my diary is already full for the week reflects just how amazing this new experience is!

I am now signed up for the Rugby tour to Peru (12 days of socialising, working on local volunteer projects, playing rugby and the odd 'small beer'!) and we have pretty much most of our outlook calendar filled until Christmas. The range of classes include General Management, Statistics, Strategy and Leadership to name but a few. The schedule definitely balances work with a life and despite the many (many many) warnings about not over-stretching ourselves, the opportunities are amazing. This week it has been the Pratham Club (helping education street kids in India), the Responsible Business Club and Rugby Club on my radar. Next week will be the Finance Club, drinks with the new Dean, the ever-popular Sundowners (basically free drinks sponsored by a club) and a whole host of dinners, pub crawls and parties with friends.

Bottom line is that if you want to really learn about time management, you can safely swap that dry workshop offered by your employer and sign up for an MBA at London Business School -  it a way cooler way to learn how to balance that diary!!!

Watch this space.....


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