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Flying out to London

Posted by Matthew on 20 August 2007

School starts in 7 days, and I cannot emphasize how nervous I am. I
am completely not ready for this. It feels like there are still a million
things to do, yet I can't think of them. First, I had to pack all of my
bags to fly to London (from New York). Now, one would think that a male with
no furniture to his name would not be able to fill 3 very large duffle bags
(each capable of holding a human body), but then one would be wrong. I
filled all three bags and 3 extra boxes to be shipped. I am ready for
anything. Interviews for great internships? Check. Clothes for
exploring the great pubs and clubs? Check. Tennis? Check. Cricket? Oh no, how
have I missed this?

Then, my roommates and I had to find an apartment. Actually, I had to
stay and work in New York, so my roommates took care of that. If there is
any advice that I can give to MBA 2010ers - outsourcing.

But I realize that I should relax. I will be at a pub tomorrow night
meeting all of my classmates, and many of them will have the same
thoughts that I have now, so we will be able to work through my phobias together
- but I bet they brought stuff for cricket.


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