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Summer is here .. and so is my internship

Posted by Manish on 27 June 2007

Summer break is finally here and with it the end of our first year at Business school. (cliche' alert) It feels like i had only just begun! bwaah!

I am happy to be writing about this for I am one of the 6 summer consultants this year. The summer consulting team is a group of 6 management consultants that run their own firm for the duration of summer. This is as much an entreperneurial internship as it is a consulting one. The business operates within the framework of the school and we even have offices in the school (This building is typically where you will be grilled during your milk round interviews). Whole different feel to this building right now. The 6 of us have camped in nice little offices in here.

The SCT needs to find its own business though. Right now we are busy marketing and selling our services to potential clients. As the summer progresses we will do a variety of projects for these clients who will then pay us for our work (yaaaay!). We currently have some exciting proposals out on clients' tables and hope to bag those deals.

What I'm loving about this job is that i have to do so much more than a typical internship in consulting. We had to get our offices setup (tables, file cabinets, phones et al), develop our own brochures and get them printed, take over accounts and finances. you get the point. It is like running your own business which is a great opportunity to do something entrpreneurial over and above the actual consulting work. Of course the end goal is to get a proper consulting job in a top firm but you never know where this will lead!


Hello Manish,
I am an undergrad in civil engg,jst out of coll.i am placed in a software company(Cognizant technologies).I hav given GMAT once n scored 650(only..if i may say!!).I am ready to tak it again n am confident tat my score wil cross 700.i hav extraordinary academic credentials.(talkng on a scale of 10..one cn rate mine as 9 r 9.4!)i hav an average to good..history of extra curriculum.i am lukng forward to apply for aug-sep 2008...hmm..well...the obvious que is ...wat r my chances??

Hi Manish
I require some insight into placements in the Oil and Gas Sector after having done an MBA from LBS, as I am planning to apply for the 2008 session. To give you a breif background, I am a Chemical Eng. from IIT Roorkee, had worked as a field Engineer in a Oil field Service Provider firm- Schlumberger for 18 months, thereafter I started working as an Equity Analyst in the Energy Sector in an Independent research firm called CLear Capital. Could you please help me with my query or just put me in touch with that kind of information. Cheers!

Here are my thoughts on the Oil and Gas sector

A lot of people from the oil and gas sector get jobs as consultants or with investment banks or with oil majors in and around London. As a lot of trading happens in London, there is quite a buzz around this sector here. Some MBAs have got jobs in the middle east with large consulting firms like Booz Allen and McKinsey. Some other firms hire exclusively for their energy practices.

Our energy club is pretty active too.

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