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My Summer Internship

Posted by Martha on 28 June 2007

Bp_june001_copy Almost three weeks ago, I joined BP Solar as a Helios Summer Intern. It has been both awesome and tricky. Awesome because I am finally back to work -after one and a half years-, Solar Energy is one of the fastest growing markets at the moment -therefore extremely exciting- and BP is simply a great environment to be in. Not to mention my boss, who is a really smart and cool man. His name is Brooks Preston, who holds an MBA from Stanford.

The tricky issues are the fact that I started working two weeks before the last final exam was due and the novelty of commuting. I had little sleep and did little running but survived and I am almost back to normal. This weekend in Amsterdam will fill me back with energy!

About Commuting. I commute a total of three hours every day. Yes, three hours! And, it is tiring but there is plenty of time for introspection.

Finally, prior to Business School, I held different technical and operational roles throughout my six years in Oilfield. Now I realise that the transition to where I am now -at BP-, would have been very difficult without the MBA. Therefore, I am very pleased that I decided to take two years of my life for further development and exploration of alternative career opportunities. I think it is worth it!

Summer is here .. and so is my internship

Posted by Manish on 27 June 2007

Summer break is finally here and with it the end of our first year at Business school. (cliche' alert) It feels like i had only just begun! bwaah!

I am happy to be writing about this for I am one of the 6 summer consultants this year. The summer consulting team is a group of 6 management consultants that run their own firm for the duration of summer. This is as much an entreperneurial internship as it is a consulting one. The business operates within the framework of the school and we even have offices in the school (This building is typically where you will be grilled during your milk round interviews). Whole different feel to this building right now. The 6 of us have camped in nice little offices in here.

The SCT needs to find its own business though. Right now we are busy marketing and selling our services to potential clients. As the summer progresses we will do a variety of projects for these clients who will then pay us for our work (yaaaay!). We currently have some exciting proposals out on clients' tables and hope to bag those deals.

What I'm loving about this job is that i have to do so much more than a typical internship in consulting. We had to get our offices setup (tables, file cabinets, phones et al), develop our own brochures and get them printed, take over accounts and finances. you get the point. It is like running your own business which is a great opportunity to do something entrpreneurial over and above the actual consulting work. Of course the end goal is to get a proper consulting job in a top firm but you never know where this will lead!

London Business School Team Summit Mt. Everest

Posted by Adcoms on 09 June 2007

Summitwithiceaxe_2 Huge congratulations go out to the intrepid four-person team from London Business School’s Rock & Mountain Club who have summited Mount. Everest – and raised £000’s for charity in the process.

The team set out on their expedition in March this year and summited at the end of May.  Omar Samra (MBA2007) became the first Egyptian to summit, reaching the top together with alumni Greg Maud (SEMBA2003) on 17 May.  Team leader Ben Stephens (MBA2007) summited on 24 May together with his girlfriend Tori James who became the first ever Welsh Woman and Britain’s youngest female to reach the top.

The team are now safely back down the mountain, and will be holding a presentation at London Business School in the near future, offering the community the opportunity to find out firsthand what it is like to struggle against the elements and a severe lack of oxygen to reach the world’s highest point.

The following extract from the expedition blog describes the moment Tori reached the summit:Toriinwindonsummitthumbnail

“There was nothing stopping me on the last 50 metres ascent, not least the fact that there were some un-roped sections which I wanted to get past. I clambered through the prayer flags and sat on the summit, being careful not to let my rucksack pull me over the top and into Tibet. I just sat there and looked at the view; the valleys were filled with cloud but the panorama of peaks was breathtaking. I could even see Everest’s own shadow, spreading out over the Himalaya, diminishing as the sun rose."

For photos of the team and to their full diary of an incredible journey to the top of the world visit http://www.everest2007.net/blog/page/2/.

Our congratulations go out once again to the team for what is an amazing achievement!

The Race to the Finish

Posted by Stephen on 08 June 2007

Where did the year go? It only seems like 5 minutes ago, when we were sat in Lords Cricket ground during the course orientation and now we are within sight of the end of the first year. I'm just relieved that I listened to the people who advised me that a 2 year MBA was the only option. I have so much more I want to do next year.  Including, the exchange to San Francisco, some great elective courses and perfecting my French.

The first year has been extremely hectic at times, but every part of it has been enjoyable. I now have hundreds of new friends, new skills and have tried new sports. It has been a productive time and I really feel that I have moved into the fast lane.

All that is left are lots of end of year parties, including several BBQs, dinner at Cafe de Paris and a talent show. Oh yes, and then there are the exams. I have Finance, Accounting, French, Operational Mgmt and Economics next week. These exams can sometimes get in the way of your social life and it always seems to be the case that the parties and the exams come together, at the end of semesters. 

There won't be much time for me to reflect on the past year. I will be starting my internship at Barclays Wealth Management 2 days after the last exam. A large portion of the students will be missing the last week of term as they have been sent abroad by their employers for training. The best advice I can give regarding the summer internship is to make sure you build as many contacts with your current employer as possible. It is infinitely easier to secure employment somewhere you have a proven record.

The day after my internship finishes I will be flying to San Francisco to start the autumn semester at Berkeley. If you are starting the MBA this year, make sure you make the most of any summer holidays you have before the course starts. You don't know when you will have another.

Congratulations to fellow blogger Sean who is the new SA President. Another fellow blogger, Martha and I will be in charge of the running club next year with help from Joe and Karen. We are planning to participate in some marathons and other races.