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A summer term for this summer weather...

Posted by Sean on 16 April 2007

We arrived back from Spring Break last week and were met with an onslaught of new courses. Because we did not have class on Easter Monday, the class schedule was shifted back a day and left some of us in class all day Saturday! Luckily, that wasn’t me as the weather in London over the past 10 days has been unbelievable, and sitting in class across from Regent’s Park over the weekend would have been torturous. This term gave first year students a pick of many electives, whereas the second term had only offered a few. With many of us eager to take on some specialised courses, I worry that some may have taken on a bit too much. I am certainly feeling the strain even though I have only signed up for 1.5 electives. This term continues with the hands-on nature of the second term. While our marketing and organisational behaviour lectures have officially ended, we are still working hard to complete these courses. My study group is helping to restructure the marketing department for a leading global footwear company in response to a strategy change for our MOB project. Right now, we are on the client site about 5 hours a week for interviews and meetings, before delivering our final recommendation in a few weeks. Our marketing course has continued into this term through a marketing simulation game called MarkStrat. Our study group has started the simulation with a company that is leading the industry. This sounds great but it also means that we can only lose this top spot to our competitors. This term has an operations theme to it with the core courses of Operations & Technology Management, and Managerial Accounting & Control. One course to help us design/optimise processes, and the other to measure the financial results of the production. For our operations course, all streams will be headed on a field trip to manufacturing plants throughout Europe. My stream is going to visit Porsche and BMW in Germany, another stream is going to Ducati in Italy, and another is headed to Amsterdam (tulips I think). In another core course we are learning about global macroeconomic trends to help us position our future firms optimally in the global business environment. That’s it from me for the boring blog about academics, over to the others for the marathon and MBAT!


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