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Summers in London...

Posted by Sean on 12 March 2007

I am sitting this morning in one of the second floor conference rooms in the Laing House, which has the most beautiful view of Regent’s Park. The sun is out, I have the windows fully opened, and it sounds, smells, and looks like spring is almost here

London has a global reputation for bad weather. The weather is a favourite thing to complain about, and can always be leaned on to break the ice before a meeting, or just strike up conversation in the lift. Yes, over the winter months, the weather in London is hard to bear. It rains a lot, it’s cold, and it rarely snows. Tourists hate the weather in London, and so do the locals. The British are great at ‘whinging’ – the art of complaining – and have perfected their skills complaining about the weather (always top of the whinge list) for centuries.

In its defence, I have lived in London for almost four years now, and have learned to completely tolerate the dreary winter weather always knowing that the beautiful spring and summer are just around the corner. When the nice days of spring begin to appear, everyone floods the parks, riverside, and pubs to enjoy life in London. I am sad to say that I will be in the US this summer for an internship, and will unfortunately miss my first London summer in 4 years. The long lunches in the park, pickup games of football, Friday pints in the beer gardens well into the evening as daylight hangs on…


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