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Into the final week

Posted by Stephen on 19 March 2007

The last week of term is shaping up to be the busiest week so far. I have 5 exams this week, 2 of them on Saturday. But rather than spending the whole weekend revising I headed down to Silverstone with some of the running club to compete in a half marathon.

The weather was horrendous. During the race it switched from hail stones & high winds to sunshine several times. I was freezing cold by the end of the race. I managed to finish in 1:30 which was a good as I could hope for given the conditions.

Dsc_0452To give you an idea how  much we have been training for the marathon here is the 22 mile route we have completed twice in the last 3 weeks -


Don't forget, donations to my charity sponsorship webpage are much appreciated. Thanks.


The Greek Party

Posted by Martha on 18 March 2007

Julie Velissaratou shortlisted a few to attend a Greek party at No. 5 Cavendish Square. Greek music, which seemed Arabic to me, was really good. We had a great time! Greeks from everywhere and non-Greeks like me danced a little, drank a little and had lots of fun.

Lbs_greek_party_march_07039_copy Lbs_greek_party_march_07010_copy Lbs_greek_party_march_07015_copy Lbs_greek_party_march_07018_copy Lbs_greek_party_march_07020_copy

What did I do last week?

Posted by Martha on 17 March 2007

First of all, I sprained my ankle due to 'overuse' and have not run for days. I hope I can soon recover for the marathon in April. -Feel free to sponsor me please!-.

On Monday we had our last Decision and Risk Analysis workshop, then Mandarin in the afternoon, which was enlightening as usual. Next week we have our final Mandarin oral test. Khizar Khan and I are aiming to practice over the weekend trying not to make a fool of ourselves.

On Tuesday morning I attended breakfast with Costas Mitropoulos, founder and CEO of
Kantor, the first cosulting firm in Greece. He spoke of challenges in Eastern Europe and how he went about starting his firm. It was a very pleasant discussion.

Our major task for the week was to prepare for a Trade Show as part of our DEO (Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities) class. The objectives of the project were to discover unmet needs and develop a prototype to demonstrate our idea to challenging judges. It was hard work to get it done and fun to be there for two hours, listening to Rajat's pitching.

John Mullins, our DEO professor, did a great job preparing us for this event. He even brought the press (Rajat's favourite moment of the show) and an interesting audience of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. He is passionate about instructing and got the key learning points across really well. I enjoyed the cases and meeting the ’entrepreneurs in the cases' themselves.

Lbs_deo_trade_show_march_07_16_copy Lbs_deo_trade_show_march_07_10_copyLbs_deo_trade_show_march_07_19_copy Lbs_deo_trade_show_march_07_24_copy Lbs_deo_trade_show_march_07_22_co_2 Lbs_deo_trade_show_march_07_39_copy

Everest update - 10 days and counting

Posted by Adcoms on 14 March 2007

Omar Samra, Ben Stephens, Greg Maud (London Business School students and alumni) and Victoria James (partner) are now making their final preparations for their attempt to climb Mount Everest. They will climb the mountain from the South Side from Nepal. The team will depart London for Kathmandu on the 25th of March to begin their 10 week journey which will take them through some of the hardest terrain and toughest conditions known to man. Some time in mid May, weather permitting, they will reach the summit of Mount Everest. Omar is trying to become the first Egyptian to achieve such a feat and if Victoria is successful, she will become the first Welsh woman and youngest British woman to do so.


You can follow their progress and send your words of support while they are on the mountain through the team website www.everest2007.net and on Omar's personal website www.omarsamra.com/everest.

We wish them well, and look forward to writing an update on their safe return!

Summers in London...

Posted by Sean on 12 March 2007

I am sitting this morning in one of the second floor conference rooms in the Laing House, which has the most beautiful view of Regent’s Park. The sun is out, I have the windows fully opened, and it sounds, smells, and looks like spring is almost here

London has a global reputation for bad weather. The weather is a favourite thing to complain about, and can always be leaned on to break the ice before a meeting, or just strike up conversation in the lift. Yes, over the winter months, the weather in London is hard to bear. It rains a lot, it’s cold, and it rarely snows. Tourists hate the weather in London, and so do the locals. The British are great at ‘whinging’ – the art of complaining – and have perfected their skills complaining about the weather (always top of the whinge list) for centuries.

In its defence, I have lived in London for almost four years now, and have learned to completely tolerate the dreary winter weather always knowing that the beautiful spring and summer are just around the corner. When the nice days of spring begin to appear, everyone floods the parks, riverside, and pubs to enjoy life in London. I am sad to say that I will be in the US this summer for an internship, and will unfortunately miss my first London summer in 4 years. The long lunches in the park, pickup games of football, Friday pints in the beer gardens well into the evening as daylight hangs on…

Some Winter Ball Pictures

Posted by Martha on 07 March 2007

Nicola Blue and team did a great job putting the event together, like Manish said in his last post. I cannot help adding some pictures to this web space for you to get a taste of it. It was dynamic and fun. Even Haitong, our Mandarin professor, was there. I had a great time!

Feb_07_winter_ball_4Feb_07_winter_ball_1_1Feb_07_winter_ball_2_1Feb_07_winter_ball_5 Feb_07_winter_ball_3

Start of the sailing season

Posted by Stephen on 05 March 2007

Blog6 The sailing season started last weekend in Portsmouth. The sailing club came third in a sunsail regatta at the end of last year and consequently we were invited to participate in this opening regatta of the new season.

We travelled down to Portsmouth on Friday morning. By lunchtime we were out on the water and practicing for the following days race. After some good practice we headed for our overnight berth in Hamble. We had a close call when we grounded the yacht on one of the many sandbanks that the Solent is renowned for.

Blog12 Hamble is a quaint English village on the South coast between Portsmouth and Southampton. We explored several of the old pubs and drank some of the local beers such as Bishops Tipple and Gay Rum. After a well deserved meal in a local pub we headed to the hottest nightspot in the village.

Blog4 I think we may have drunk too much because we were 7 minutes late for the first race the next day. However, we still did not finish last. We overtook 1 boat. The second race didn’t go much better. We finished 12th. Then things seemed to click into place and we managed a 2nd place in the third race. Overall, we finished 9th out of 16. It was good experience and a reasonable start to the season. Maybe next time we will stay away from the local brew and focus on winning.      

Blog3Blog11Blog2 Blog9Dsc_0131 Blog13