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Student initiative - Yeah we got that!

Posted by Manish on 28 February 2007

Last saturday the Student Association hosted our annual Winterball which turned out to be an extra special event for me.

The event was managed by a student from my stream and everything from the marketing and sales to catering was organized completely by students. The event was a huge success with tickets selling out a few days before the event.

We ran into problems with entertainment (cancellations etc) which put the onus of managing the music for the event back on the student body. That is what made this evening special for me. I had always wanted to try being behind the decks of a DJ and that is exactly what I got to do at the winterball. We had a pro among the 4 of us (yes he's an MBA student!) to shoulder the major responsibility with the equipment but all of us got a chance to have some fun with DJing. For me especially, it was a great learning experience. I had never tinkered with the DJ mixers that i usually fixate on when im in a club. We workedWb hard to put together the playlist for 2 separate room (a dance room and a lounge room).

At the end we had been playing for 2 hours and had been through some massive club anthems that people loved. I also think the student led DJing added an underground feel to the event.

So they were correct when they said that Business School gives you opportunities to try new things. I never expected it to be DJing but I'm glad it was!


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