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Student initiative - Yeah we got that!

Posted by Manish on 28 February 2007

Last saturday the Student Association hosted our annual Winterball which turned out to be an extra special event for me.

The event was managed by a student from my stream and everything from the marketing and sales to catering was organized completely by students. The event was a huge success with tickets selling out a few days before the event.

We ran into problems with entertainment (cancellations etc) which put the onus of managing the music for the event back on the student body. That is what made this evening special for me. I had always wanted to try being behind the decks of a DJ and that is exactly what I got to do at the winterball. We had a pro among the 4 of us (yes he's an MBA student!) to shoulder the major responsibility with the equipment but all of us got a chance to have some fun with DJing. For me especially, it was a great learning experience. I had never tinkered with the DJ mixers that i usually fixate on when im in a club. We workedWb hard to put together the playlist for 2 separate room (a dance room and a lounge room).

At the end we had been playing for 2 hours and had been through some massive club anthems that people loved. I also think the student led DJing added an underground feel to the event.

So they were correct when they said that Business School gives you opportunities to try new things. I never expected it to be DJing but I'm glad it was!

A bit more on our lectures

Posted by Martha on 23 February 2007

Feb_07_dra_lecture_5_copyDecision and Risk Analysis, delivered by Bert De Reyck, has become my favourite lecture. Bert is dynamic, friendly and fun. He is constantly testing our decisions.

Last Wednesday he challenged Aishwarya Dahanukar (from India, whose last job was Consulting for Ernst & Young in Germany) to bet for whether a tack would fall pin up or pin down. She even lost £20. Crazy!

We worked on a wine-related case and we even got to taste a bit of Freemark Abbey’s fine wine. I am truly enjoying and at the same time learning a lot from the class.

Feb_07_diogo_guinness_project_copy_1 Other than that, Diogo, Peter and I hung around school for hours tasting beer while working on our Marketing project: segmentation, targeting and positioning for Guinness.

Last of all, Steve is organizing a 20-mile run tomorrow. I will tell you whether I made it or not next week.

We are half way through

Posted by Martha on 23 February 2007

Feb_07_mandarin_class_copyFeb_07_mandarin_class_1_copy_1Feb_07_mandarin_class_2_copy Feb_07_mandarin_class_3_copy_2School is half way through. I have been extremely busy interviewing with different firms seeking for that exciting opportunity. I got great support from the Consulting Club, Career Services and colleagues. I am now to decide what I want to do over the summer.

In the mean time, things are still happening in the classroom. I am still passionate about Mandarin, which I have not had enough time to learn this term – I am at least 200 characters behind. Our final written test is in a week so that I’d better catch up.

I'm going on a date!

Posted by Natasja on 22 February 2007

Lbs_mclogo_rgb60x60I'm going on a date tonight. Or to be more precise, I'm going on 3 separate dates! In case you're wondering, no, I'm not using the MBAblog to splash my love life all over the web, I'm attending (and helping out with) the Marketing Club's headline event for this term: Meet The Marketer speed-date event (see for more information this page).

The Meet the Marketer follows the example of the Media Club, who organised a similar event last year which was very succesful. Tonight 70 students and marketers from 20 companies will gather in the Dining Room where the students will have the opportunity to talk to a marketer for 15 minutes before moving on to another marketer. In total every student will be able to talk to 3 different marketers.

Student clubs are thriving on campus and they vary from professional (e.g. Consulting, Finance, Marketing, Energy) to sports (e.g. Rugby, Football, Basketball) to geographical (e.g. Japan, India, France, Spain) to social (e.g. Acting, Wine and Cheese, Film). I think almost every fulltime MBA student is involved with at least one club and with events ranging from film screenings to conferences, to guest speakers and parties, there's always something for everyone. My favourites are the Japan night, the Diwali party, the Meet the Media event and the guest speakers that the Entrepreneurship club invited last year.

If you'll excuse me now, I need to go get ready for my dates tonight!


Posted by Stephen on 19 February 2007

Last week was probably the busiest week of my life. This was partly self-inflicted. I chose to take 2 electives this semester, in addition to finding a summer internship.

The week culminated in 2 exams on Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon. Straight after Fridays Finance exam, we jumped into a cab and headed to the airport for a relaxing weekend in Dublin.

At Heathrow we got into holiday mode by drinking pints of Guinness. We continued on the plane and then at the hotel bar and then at another bar in Dublin city centre. In fact the whole weekend involved a substantial amount of drink and some good food.

On Saturday, we took the obligatory tour of the Guinness brewery. Obviously, we had to sample some more Guinness from the source. Then on Saturday night we went for a meal in Temple bar and then onto a nightclub.

We got back to London on Sunday night. Refreshed and ready for another busy week at school. Well not exactly, but we had certainly de-stressed.

These are a few snapshots. Warning - photo quality may be degraded due to excess alcohol -

1 11 3 10 2

Important choices with no right answer

Posted by Sean on 13 February 2007

It seems that I am being asked every day to make an important decision.

Last week we were briefed on exchange programmes. Do I want to go on exchange? Do I want to do exchange in the fall or spring? Which of the 32 schools on 6 continents do I want as my first choice? How about my second choice? The third choice? And Sean, please write an essay as to why you want to go to each school. Forget it, I’m only at London Business School for two years, and that is already too short. I’ll stay here thanks.

And this week we were briefed on electives available for next term. In contrast to the first term when no electives were on offer, and the second term when we only had a few, this time we have 10 choices. Uy! I am torn, do I go for Strategy 2, or Project Management? Advanced Marketing Strategy or Marketing Research? If I decide not to take them now, do I get to take them next year? Can I really only choose 12 of the 100+ electives on offer during my 2 year programme?

Finally, there are the really big choices. I am in a lucky position to have multiple exciting summer internship offers for my chosen career path. But how do I choose? It’s not as simple as thinking about what I want to do this summer, as these companies only offer full-time positions to those that intern with them. And what is most important? The company, the position, the location, the money… ? I think I should ask my Decision & Risk Analysis Professor to put together a statistical model to decide for me.

All of this has me longing for the simple times in the first term with mandated core courses, two years of the MBA ahead of me, and nothing but a pile of work to think about.

How is the Consulting Club doing

Posted by Martha on 06 February 2007

Boutique_consulting_jan_07_2_copy The Consulting Club at London Business School has done a tremendous job getting us ready for the Milk Round. A couple of weeks ago, the club organized the 3rd Annual Boutique Consulting Forum. We had the opportunity to talk to consultants of over fifteen Boutique Consulting firms. I was impressed by companies like JRBH Strategy & Management and Gallup Consulting. JRBH is a five-people organization with a variety of clients and a strong advisory board, whose founder, Jennifer Harris, was named "Young Business Woman of the Year". The Gallup Organization has developed a proprietary model that describes the "linked path" between every employee's individual contribution and the organization's ultimate financial goal.

At_kearney_team_dynamics_winners Last week, A.T. Kearney delivered a Team Dynamics Workshop. 42 of us were lucky to attend. We each filled out the Belbin questionnaire and gained insight into our personality type and our contribution to a team. We really enjoyed the session led by A.T. Kearney Consultants. As part of this activity, we had to build a tower of marshmallows and spaghetti sticks. The tallest tower (at least over 20 inches) was built by the team in the picture. Each of them got a bottle of champagne as a prize. Well done!

Finally, the Consulting Club organizes weekly Crack a Case sessions delivered by MBA students with previous Consulting experience. These sessions are extremely useful to get ready for the real interviews. The Club has done a fantastic job overall.

A Picture About Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Posted by Martha on 02 February 2007

Deo_class_magazine_jan_07 Sean said it all about our Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities class. I can only add the picture of The Stag and Groom's creator.

Last week, at the end of this class, Terry Rhodes, co-founder of Celtel International and current Entrepreneur-in-Residence, gave us a short and inspiring speech. He encouraged us to think of what we can do different and better. Since then we have been working on identifying latent needs of people who carry. It is all cool and for some of us, totally new.

John Mullins, our professor, does a tremendous job inspiring us to apply what we learn and be creative.

London Business School Runs The London Marathon

Posted by Stephen on 01 February 2007

The London Business School running club has joined forces with a charity called Sense to run the London Marathon on April 22nd. The marathon is one of the largest in the world (around 36,000 runners) and brings a great carnival atmosphere to the city.

The team needs your help! I'm sure that using my blog to ask for sponsorship breaks all the rules of blogging but it is all in a good cause. Sense provide a wide range of support for people of all ages who are deaf, blind or have other sensory impairments. See their website for more information about the charity - www.sense.org.uk.

We are also looking for a corporate sponsor who will benefit from media coverage and have their logos printed on our Sense running shirts. Please send any enquiries to me.   

If you would like to support the running club and Sense please visit one of the websites below. Here are all the London Business School marathon runners -

Sebastian Cataldo (IMP06)

Laurence Cook (MIF07) -  http://www.justgiving.com/laurencecook

Lukas Gresnigt (MIF07)

Sony Joseph (MBA07) - http://www.justgiving.com/sonyjoseph

Matt Judkins (MBA07) - http://www.justgiving.com/mattjudkins

Mehul Khimasia (SLN07)

Vincent Littke (MBA08) - http://www.justgiving.com/vlittke

Simon Loughnane (SEMBA08)

Stephen McCurry (MBA08) - http://www.justgiving.com/showmethemoney2007

James Schappelle (MIF07) - http://www.justgiving.com/runninglondon2007

Martha Vásquez (MBA08) - http://www.justgiving.com/marthita

Thanks for your support!