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Important choices with no right answer

Posted by Sean on 13 February 2007

It seems that I am being asked every day to make an important decision.

Last week we were briefed on exchange programmes. Do I want to go on exchange? Do I want to do exchange in the fall or spring? Which of the 32 schools on 6 continents do I want as my first choice? How about my second choice? The third choice? And Sean, please write an essay as to why you want to go to each school. Forget it, I’m only at London Business School for two years, and that is already too short. I’ll stay here thanks.

And this week we were briefed on electives available for next term. In contrast to the first term when no electives were on offer, and the second term when we only had a few, this time we have 10 choices. Uy! I am torn, do I go for Strategy 2, or Project Management? Advanced Marketing Strategy or Marketing Research? If I decide not to take them now, do I get to take them next year? Can I really only choose 12 of the 100+ electives on offer during my 2 year programme?

Finally, there are the really big choices. I am in a lucky position to have multiple exciting summer internship offers for my chosen career path. But how do I choose? It’s not as simple as thinking about what I want to do this summer, as these companies only offer full-time positions to those that intern with them. And what is most important? The company, the position, the location, the money… ? I think I should ask my Decision & Risk Analysis Professor to put together a statistical model to decide for me.

All of this has me longing for the simple times in the first term with mandated core courses, two years of the MBA ahead of me, and nothing but a pile of work to think about.


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