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The clash of the spring term and recruitment season

Posted by Manish on 16 January 2007

I had been warned about this by MBA07s. But now that milk round and the spring term are both underway I am beginning to understand the gravity of the combination. It pulls you down!

19 companies strutted their stuff last week and from now until the end of february we will see rougly 3-4 companies per week doing their presentations at lunch hour. Everyone is struggling with the fact that classes will be their demanding self like nothing else is happening. Of course we all want good summer jobs, so our focus is on companies and CVs and cover letters and the like. The problem is that the job search is fairly stressful and i have heard it only gets worse as the term progresses (unless you are among the early birds of course).

I hope to stay on top of both these issues and get out of this semester alive and with a good summer job. It's hard enough getting into business school. Now you are competing with the best and the brightest for the next slice of the pie.


Hey Manish,
I have been reading your posts for quite some time since I started looking at LBS for August 2007. They are insightful and im definitely impressed with the culture reflected thru ur blogs.(esp. one's like Windsor Castle ;) ). Is it possible to mail you to know more about the school and see how the school will fit into my career aspirations. Thanks Manish.

Hi Manish,
I am a MBA aspirant and have applied to LBS.
I have a Masters in Electrical engg from US and have been working in US for the past 5 years.
I want to break into finance, if possible.
How easy/hard is it to make it? Does making it to Dean's list in 1st eyar help?
I have registered for CFA level 1 and hope to have it out of the way b4 starting studies in August this year( of course if i get in:))

Hey Manish,
I am looking to apply to LBS for the Sept 07 session and am aiming for the last stage deadline of april 07.

Would really appreciate if you could let me know if it is advisable for an international applicant (India) to apply for the last stage deadline.

Also, in most schools its extremely difficult to get through if you apply for the last stage, does the same hold true for LBS?

Thanks a ton

Hi Nirali,

In response to your question regarding the chances of being admitted in the final stage:-

Firstly, there is no distinction between international and domestic candidates in our admissions process. All Stage 4 candidates will be treated equally in this regard.

As to the chances of admission between the different stages, it is true that the final stage usually sees fewer individuals being offered a place on the programme. However, the Admissions Committee do reserve a number of places for Stage 4 because they know that some of our very best students have arrived in this stage. This number will obviously differ from year to year depending upon the quality of the candidates arriving in the early stages, but as an indication, 17% of the class of MBA2008 was admitted in Stage 4.

Hey Manish,

Would you know how is it to be an exchange student in LBS? Can you point me to any exchange student in LBS?

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