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Prof. Len Waverman speaks at Google HQ

Posted by Adcoms on 31 January 2007

Mobiles, The Digital Divide, And Google

Len Waverman, Professor of Economics at London Business School, recently addressed an audience of Google executives at their monthly Tech Talk at the Google and Mountain View HQ in Silicon Valley, USA. This invitation came about due to Professor Waverman's work into the economic impact of telecommunication technology in emerging markets.

Professor Waverman's research focuses on how communications networks form a key component of the infrastructure crucial to a nation's economic growth, joining the ranks of roads and electricity. In his speech to Google executives he argued there are signs that the explosion of mobile telephony across the developing world is shrinking the digital divide and providing real opportunity for economic growth in the world's poorest regions.

Here's your chance to listen to what he said!

Discover an entrepreneurial opportunity?

Posted by Sean on 19 January 2007

The second term of my first year at London Business School is now in full swing. I have a full schedule of courses (6 in fact) and most of them are brand new. Last term was very theoretical with subjects like Strategy, Managerial Economics and Corporate Social Responsibility. In their place this term we have some real-hands on courses that will certainly be challenging and exciting.

One class that I am already enjoying is our Entrepreneurship course. The professor warned us in the first 10 minutes of class that the course was not an Intro to Entrepreneurship or Entrepreneurship 101, but rather a course on “Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities.” And yes, as part of the course we do actually have to discover an entrepreneurial opportunity! Slightly concerning given our professor’s next warning – our new business idea will be judged as it would in the real world. This means that while we may put in huge efforts in our market research, business planning, etc. we are ultimately graded on whether the idea is a good one and a viable business proposition that people would invest in. I am not sure exactly how our idea’s viability will be decided, but that is probably the point of the trade show. Excerpt from the course outline: “This project will culminate in a ‘trade show’ in which your team will present a 3-D physical prototype (or perhaps a dramatisation, for service innovations) of your solution to the customer problems, pain, or needs you have discovered. Members of the school’s network of business angels and mentors, the Enterprise 100, will be invited to see and judge your discoveries at that event.”

I guess this means we get an A if we line up our first investors! The class kicked off this week with a case about someone launching a wedding magazine for men called “The Stag and Groom.” Sounds crazy, huh? Almost funny? However, after reading the case, I was actually convinced it would work. Our class was polarised during the discussion with especially passionate arguments on the “it’s nuts” side of the coin. Well, after we heard from everyone and heatedly debated the idea’s merits, the entrepreneur (who had been sitting in the class all along) defended himself in person. It was a fascinating discussion and certainly a fun start to the course.

Yes, this course is definitely about learning by doing. I think that theme is also running through our marketing course and our managing organisational behaviour course. A very hands-on and challenging term. Cool stuff!

Join our online chat on 22 Jan

Posted by Adcoms on 19 January 2007

Want to find out what makes London Business School the top choice for an international MBA? Wondering what your future employment prospects are with a European MBA? Just started your research into top tier business schools? Here is your opportunity to put questions to our community from the comfort of your desk or armchair.

Join members of the London Business School community for an online discussion, hosted by Accepted.com, on Monday 22 January, 18.00 (GMT). The panellists lining up to field your questions include:

- David Simpson, Senior Admissions Manager, Full-time MBA.

- Diane Morgan, Associate Director, Career Services. Diane's specialist areas of recruitment include the Energy, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Retail, Healthcare, Pharma and Biotech industries.

- Payton Dobbs (USA), MBA2007. Prior to joining our MBA, Payton worked at Deloitte Consulting. Payton spent last term on exchange at the Kellogg School in Chicago and his summer internship at Google in San Francisco. Payton also contributes to this blog.

- Grace Maa (Taiwan/USA), MBA2008.  Grace graduated from Princeton with a degree in Politics and Political Economy. Prior to the MBA she worked as a national speaker in Educational Services at The Advisory Board Company (healthcare) in Washington.

- Rajat Maaker (India), MBA2008.  Rajat holds a degree in Economics from Delhi University and prior to joining London Business School was working as a Project Leader with Electrolux both in Sweden and in Australia.

If you can't make it for this chat you can view the transcript from the previous event which may answer some of your questions.

I'm back!

Posted by Natasja on 17 January 2007

After a wonderful and very interesting 4 months in New York, I've returned to the warm embrace of London Business School and it's wonderful being back! I reckon going on exchange is sort of like going on a cool holiday: you look forward to it a lot, enjoy it tremendously when you're on it but also are happy when you're back and look back with fond memories.

The best things about going on exchange were the city itself and living there not as a tourist, but as a normal student; some of the courses I took; traveling in the US and also the opportunity to see how another school does things and meeting exchange and Stern students and applicants from all over the world. Although the exchange meant that I also had to miss certain things (most notably the Santa Claus Pub Crawl and Tattoo) I wouldn't have missed my exchange for the world.

'Normal' life has resumed again which for many second year students means block week courses (instead of a course over 10 weeks, it's packed into 1 week of full days of class) last week and regular term has started this week. The clubs are busy organising events and trips (the inside scoop is that African Club's South Africa trip is very popular this year), the first speakers have started coming to campus again and this week the first Sundowners of the year is held. It's good to be back!

The clash of the spring term and recruitment season

Posted by Manish on 16 January 2007

I had been warned about this by MBA07s. But now that milk round and the spring term are both underway I am beginning to understand the gravity of the combination. It pulls you down!

19 companies strutted their stuff last week and from now until the end of february we will see rougly 3-4 companies per week doing their presentations at lunch hour. Everyone is struggling with the fact that classes will be their demanding self like nothing else is happening. Of course we all want good summer jobs, so our focus is on companies and CVs and cover letters and the like. The problem is that the job search is fairly stressful and i have heard it only gets worse as the term progresses (unless you are among the early birds of course).

I hope to stay on top of both these issues and get out of this semester alive and with a good summer job. It's hard enough getting into business school. Now you are competing with the best and the brightest for the next slice of the pie.

About the Milkround + Classes Started

Posted by Martha on 16 January 2007

Last week was the beginning of the milk round for us, first year MBAs, hoping to get a summer internship.

I attended recruiting events by Goldman Sachs, American Express, BP, Booz Allen Hamilton, The Boston Consulting Group, Accenture and Bain&Company.

I was Bain champion as part of the consulting club at school and had the opportunity to open the recruiting presentation (a 30 seconds speech). Some people had the chance to meet on a one-on-one basis with Bain&Company consultants to discuss about what it is like to work at Bain. Small things like this are motivating and the first step towards getting to know a firm better.

Yesterday, classes started. We had Organisational Behaviour in the morning, in which we discussed about the collapse of Barings Bank in 1995 and Nick Leeson's role in it. It was an interesting start to the different frames to apply to leadership challenges. In the afternoon we had Finance again with Joao F. Cocco, who is absolutely brilliant.

This morning I barely cracked two case studies together with Nick Ashley-Cooper. I am back now to prepare for Marketing and continue to work on my applications for summer internships.

My first 2007 day in London

Posted by Martha on 09 January 2007

Jan_07_lon_bah_dinner_anne_1 After 30 hours in either a taxi, a bus, 2 planes, 3 airports, a train or the underground, I arrived at London. Got home, no hot water and had to rush for a dinner with Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH). I got to see some old "new" faces and got to meet very nice women from Booz. One of them was Anna Burrage (see picture), a London Business School sloan fellow. She has a PhD in Energy Physics and is now a Senior Consultant for Booz Allen in London. No wonder her experience is within the energy sector. She was only one of the four BAH women at our table. It was a great welcome back and an effective way to interact with people from Booz. This interaction matters not only for fun but also because it helps figure out whether there is a good fit between this company and myself. Yesterday, I felt connected to them, relaxed and interested and this "good fit" is now a big motivation to join them.

Happy New Year!!

Posted by Stephen on 04 January 2007

It has been an interesting break but its now time to get back to work. What better way to start the year than by making your debut on national TV? I recently watched a report on Channel 4 News that talked about students overpaying to the Student Loan Company. This issue affects a large number of undergraduate students (not MBAs) in the UK. I have had major problems myself with SLC, overpaying my loan by around £5,000.

I sent the reporter an email explaining that his report had not hit the main issue, which is the lack of communication between the Inland Revenue and the SLC. Next thing I know I am in the green room at the Channel 4 news studio having my make-up applied and being introduced to the presenters! Later, I was taken into the news studio for a sound check and recording. Luckily, they decided not to do the interview Live as they had first planned.

I have sent this kind of email before but I have a feeling that my London Business School email address added credibility. The reporter mentioned it a few times.

If you are interested, the report can be viewed online by clicking on the 'Watch the interviews' link on this page - http://www.channel4.com/news/special-reports/special-reports-storypage.jsp?id=4277#start

Next week we have 5 days of company presentations and informal drinks sessions with all the major banks and consultancies. After that we have a period of interviews for the summer internships. I think the milkround period is going to be a stressful time. Not only are you looking for the 'right' job but you are also blatantly competing against your friends for those jobs. I guess if it all goes wrong I can always focus on my TV career.


Posted by Martha on 03 January 2007

School finished on December the 15th and only a day after I took the first plane to México. I have really enjoyed the break. I needed the time off after the final projects, tests and all crack a case sessions last year. Both, Strategy and Managerial Economics final exams were take home individual tasks. However we did have Finance, Financial Accounting and Mandarin in-class final tests. It was a big challenge for me to balance my personal life and all school workload towards the end of the term.

People travelled to many different places, others stayed in London and wisely devoted time to all pending issues. I decided to share these days with my family in Chiapas, Oaxaca and Veracruz: beautiful Mexican places.

Marthita_chiapas_dec_06_1 Marthita_lagunas_montebello_dec_06 Marthita_nacimiento_dec_06 Marthita_ropa_tpica_dec_06 Next week I am back in London for a series of recruiting presentations. I start Monday with a dinner with Booz Allen Hamilton organised by the Women in Business Club. On Tuesday Goldman Sachs, on Wednesday AMEX and BP, on Thursday Booz Allen, Boston Consulting and Mckinsey.

There are other presentations delivered throughout the week and plenty of others in days to come. Classes do not start till the 15th of January so that we can focus on recruiting only, at least for a week. I am looking forward to all of it.

Another year, another deadline

Posted by Adcoms on 02 January 2007

Happy 2007!  This is the first day back in the office for the MBA Programme Office team after the School closure for Christmas and New Year.  It's a bit of a shock to the system after 10 days of festivities, but the admissions year is no respecter of hangovers, and we have the Stage 2 application deadline fast approaching this Friday, 05 January.

We have returned to a vast array of envelopes and courier packages that have arrived over the holiday period, and an increasing number of online application submissions.  For anyone that has contacted the office with a query over their application, we will endeavour to get back to you ASAP, although there is a slight backlog with the office having been closed.  But rest assured that we will be prioritising the urgent questions that are related to the Stage 2 deadline. 

In the meantime, here are a few answers to some of the more common questions that get asked around application deadlines.

Q. Can you confirm that the School has received my letter/package?

- Please do not contact the Admissions Office for confirmation that your references, university transcripts, GMAT report or other supplementary materials have arrived.  We receive hundreds if not thousands of items of post during the run up to the application deadline and to confirm the receipt of these would dramatically slow the admission and reviewing process.

Once all of the packages have been opened and collated, should an application be missing any documents the candidate will be contacted by the Admissions team.

If you are concerned about the whereabouts of these materials, please first contact your referees or the courier company through whom you have sent the package.

Q. My references / transcripts have been delayed and will not arrive until after the Stage 2 deadline. Will you still accept my application in Stage 2?

- If you submit your application by the Stage 2 deadline, we will accept supplementary materials that arrive during the week following this deadline.  If an item is delayed by more than 1 week your application may be moved into the following Stage so that it can be reviewed with using the full information.  If you have a particular query regarding this please contact our Information Office at mbainfo@london.edu

Q. Can my referee's submit their references via email?

- Yes. If they wish to send their letter of recommendation via email, they should address it to reference.mba@london.edu  (Note: We do not require a signature from referees that submit their forms via email.  The referee's of accepted candidates will be contacted by the School at a later date in order to confirm the validity of the reference.)

Q. What are London Business School's GMAT and TOEFL insitution codes for use when reporting my score?

GMAT = Z11-J7-50
TOEFL = 0898

Finally, if you are planning on applying for the Stage 2 application deadline please give yourself plenty of time to submit your application and try not to leave it to the last minute. Stage 2 is traditionally the largest of the 4 stages, and several hundred applicants will be working on and submitting applications in the hours and days leading up to the deadline, which can result in the server slowing up. 

If you experience any difficulties in submitting your application please follow the Help links within the online application form, or contact our Information Office directly at apply.mba@london.edu or telephone +44 (0)20 7000 7500 

Good luck!