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The Storm

Posted by Sean on 14 October 2006

My last entry was about this eerie feeling of calm I had just before the Autumn term, knowing that something dangerous and scary was just around the corner. The Autumn term has hit with a vengeance, and all I can say is ‘I asked for it’. The course load is packed, with most students taking 5 core courses and a language. Each course meets once a week for 3 hours, which doesn’t actually sound like a lot. 18 hours in the classroom each week is about 40 hours less than I was putting in at the office. But the classroom work isn’t even the beginning of it.

A typical day for me now will start at 6am and end near midnight. Sounds crazy huh? But actually, the time flies by. I start the day with self study, run to class for a case discussion, then to a working lunch session with my study group, then off to another class, then back to studying, then home for some dinner, then more work/emails/chat until I think I am ready for the next day. And each day is different. Just this week, I had two career coaching sessions, attended the kickoff meetings for three clubs, attended a professional club meeting explaining an industry, attended two library sessions to learn about various databases, stood on a Q&A panel for an MBA information session, attended the Dean’s State of the School Address, went out to dinner with my study group, and spent a few hours at the pub.

Sounds exhausting… This week was also the beginning of a global consulting competition which I am doing with a subset of my study group. We received the case on Wednesday, met to discuss and prepare all day Friday, and are meeting a couple more times in the next few days to prepare questions for 60 minutes of simulation interviews with the case CFO, COO, and Marketing Director.

I have also embarked on an exciting research project with a professor at the school’s Private Equity Institute and three other students. In addition to research work on the project, we also met this week with the project’s sponsors, and an economist specialising in emerging markets to help us with our research.

It’s a lot of work, but just what I came to London Business School for. And for all the work, there is plenty of fun as well. Today kicks off Tattoo! I am sure another blogger will give a full report. Plenty of work and fun, just looking for some sleep one of these days.


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