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The 'Real' Windsor Castle

Posted by Manish on 10 October 2006

What comes to your mind when you hear someone say Windsor Castle ? The British Monarchy? The Queen ?

Try this on anyone in London Business School and there is only one thing that comes to their mind. The Real Windsor Castle. Windsor

This institution is second home to most students at London Business School. It is a pub but, to most, calling it a pub is disrespectful. Now London has a massive pub culture. That can be a huge topic of discussion by itself but we'll stick to Windsor castle for now. Windsor castle shares a wall with the school building. There is a back alley from within school that has a 'private' school entrance to the pub. Now that's what I call customer service. (I'll try o get a picture of this special entrance soon)

After 6pm on most days people head straight to Windsor to chat with other students (you'll even find professors here). The ambience at Windsor is very welcoming. It's a small place but it has plenty of room for students. On any day you can find groups of people tucked away around small tables with tall glasses of golden lager or dark ale and the odds are high that the discussion centers around finance or accounting or some big investment bank or consulting firm (don't quote me on that though). People come to Windsor to eat, to drink and to have a good time. But a lot of people also come here to network. I won't be surprised if the best ideas for projects have been developed at Windsor. 

I was at Windsor with my study group the other day. We decided to head there to cool our brains off after a harrowing session of business statistics. See how an place like The Windsor Castle can offer so much more than beer. This is the de facto hang out for most study groups. People do venture elsewhere too (like 'The Volunteer' - a short 5 minute walk) but I personally like the cozier and cheaper Windsor.

Windsor is part of our world class institution. I think we should get a credit for spending a certain number of hours at the Windsor because you tend to learn so much over there anyways. I doubt if the programme office will buy that though.

Shrikant Shenoy, MBA2008, says

The Windsor Castle, with its combination of friendly staff, cosy atmosphere, and good food is a good place to hang out. But the fact that it is actually physically attached to the school, and usually full of school people means that it has an appeal and a pull akin to the gravitational pull of a black hole!


Great post! I am thinking hard about whether to apply to London Business School, and this has convinced me to do so. I studied for a year in London as an undergraduate from California, and conversations with friends in our pub (The Queens Arms in South Ken) are my fondest memories.

It is great to hear that an MBA school with very high credentials offers what I loved most about London.

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