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The end of some and the start of others

Posted by Martha on 05 October 2006

London_bs_oct_0610The major event for B6 - my team - was the final group project for Business Statistics. We devoted several hours of individual and teamwork to the assignment before the due date. However, we did not experience effective teamwork till the very last day.

Rajat - one of my team mates - quoted at 01:36 hours that night: "I don’t think I could have made a better report myself. I don’t think we could have made such a report even if one of us was not there. The report has a bit of everyone in it". Picture: Diogo, Andrew, Rajat and myself towards the end of that night.

On Monday we were filmed on the spot while delivering a couple of three minute presentations for our Best Practice Presentations and Communications session.

London_bs_oct_0605 We started our language courses. I am learning Mandarin together with other six people, one of them is Andrew - my team mate. Andrew and I are learning Mandarin from scratch, which makes it more challenging but also more exciting. We will learn about 1,000 characters within 150 hours. See our current Chinese Pronunciation Guide. Picture: One of our two Chinese tutors and two Mandarin students, who from Germany, one from Chile.

London_bs_oct_0613We also started four other core courses: Ethics, Finance, Financial Accounting and Strategy. We read at least one case per class to prepare for high quality discussions. This week we worked harder, the days went faster and we all learnt more about each other. Picture: Ethics class participants voting on a case.


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