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Sailing in the Solent

Posted by Stephen on 28 October 2006

Last weekend was my first yacht racing experience with the Sailing Club. We headed down to Portsmouth on the south coast on Friday. The regatta we were participating in didn't start until the next day, but as we were mostly inexperienced sailors we felt it prudent to have a practice before the other boats arrived.

In terms of the weather, it probably wasn't an ideal weekend to be learning how to sail. We were facing force 5 winds for much of the time and lots of rain. However, with a very experienced skipper, who also proved to be an extremely effective teacher, we soon got the hang of it.

The regatta consisted of around 30 boats with 2 races on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. The races took place in the sea between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight and involved sailing around a set course.

To our amazement we were actually in the lead of the final race on Sunday, that was until the race was cancelled when somebody went overboard on one of the other boats. Anyway, this experience has definitely given me the taste for sailing and I am planning to go again with the club in a couple of weeks. 

Racing was a great experience and a real physical challenge. It is a very strange feeling to be clinging onto the boat with the driving wind and rain in your face. You certainly don't have chance to feel cold when you are racing. Especially, with the skipper shouting orders every minute! 

Follow this link for all the photos -



Sounds like you're a natural at racing sailboats. Looking forward to reading about your next race.

I am currently applying to LBS and I was quite interested by the sailing club as I practice sailing myself.
I couldn't find much information on the sailing club activity on the LBS website.

Is there a website, where I could get more information? Or would you mind giving me an inner sight of the main events / activities of your club?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Anne-Laure,

You can view the Sailing Club website at http://www.londonsailingclub.com/


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