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It's Not a Sprint

Posted by Stephen on 08 October 2006

Today, I took part in a half marathon organised by the Henley-on-Thames rugby club . It was a bright autumn day, perfect for running. The only problem was that my training regime was disrupted by Sundowners drinks on Friday night and my friends birthday last night. We spent Saturday night celebrating at a local pub called 'Filthy Mcnastys'. Luckily, I had the sense not to continue drinking at a late night bar afterwards, instead opting for a relatively early night. So after getting up what seemed like only about 2 hours after going to sleep, we drove out of London for the start of the race. Henley_half_marathon_012Henley_half_marathon_020 Henley_half_marathon_005Henley_half_marathon_022 Henley_half_marathon_028

By the time we arrived I wasn't feeling 100%, but I soon warmed up. The race went through some very picturesque English countryside, including a stretch down the Thames and another section through the centre of Henley-on-Thames.

I finished the course in just under 1:37. Considering, the training regime this was slightly surprising. The race was very well organised and the setting was great. Sometimes, it's a nice change to get out of London for a day out. I also have to mention my fiancee who drove us there and generally acted as my support team. Thanks Eimear!

It's now Sunday evening and time for some MBA homework. The past week has seen a change in pace of the course and it now seems to be a 7 day a week effort to keep things under control. The content of the course is not difficult, but the volume is fairly high and I expect it to rise next week. Time management and discipline are required to keep on top of things.

Although I have started working 7 days a week, I still have time to do things like the half marathon. Also, I haven't yet reverted to working late at night like some of my colleagues. Perhaps, I value my sleep more than others, or perhaps its because I avoid most of the 'optional reading'. Or maybe its because like long distance running - the MBA is not a sprint and you don't want to peak or burnout too fast.

One tip I will give for prospective MBA students. It would definitely be an idea to start reading some business books to get a head start on the optional reading. Things like Enron, Liars Poker, Barbarians at the Gate. These are very interesting books and highly applicable to the course material.


Great write up and even greater tip at the end. Would really appreciate if you could share a list of books, websites that one should have under one's belt ...to be in a fairly good position. Thanks in advance.

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