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Feedback anyone?

Posted by Manish on 28 October 2006

How many times has your feedback gone into a blackhole ? I've felt that feedback is no more than a formality on many occasions.

London Business School has been asking us for feedback regularly. The programme office, the professors, professional and social clubs have all asked for feedback. We have been encouraged to be vocal about our thoughts on everything.

What stood out for me was how quickly our feedback was acted upon. Professors have now started asking for feedback every 2 weeks. One of them even asks for feedback at the end of every class. So the changes are taking place in real time. We get a summary of feedback at the beginning of the next class so we generally know where the class barometer is. Of course they can't act on everything right away and our expectations have been managed rather well.

Most often future classes will benefit from the bigger changes that aren't easy to make. That been said, our class is benefiting from the changes made per the previous class' recommendations (thanks 07s). One of them, I believe, is that out streams will not be shuffled around at the end of term 1. They had a hard time adjusting to the new dynamics at one of the worst times of the year( summer recruitment season). Lets see how that plays out for us.


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