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Exchange at Kellogg

Posted by Payton on 17 October 2006

I arrived in Chicago a few weeks ago and Kellogg has been a blast ever since.  Granted, it's already snowed, hailed, rained and tornado'd, but everyone here seems to keep a pretty good attitude.

I had a little mishap with my class selection upon beginning, but I'm still pretty happy with the classes I'm taking - Market Strategy, VC/PE, Entrpreneurship & New Ventures and Values Based Leadership.  So far, the professors are great and class participation is really good.  However, I was hoping to get into some smaller classes than our 1st year core curriculum, but we still have about 60 students in each class.  Hopefully my classes back at LBS next term will be smaller.

Chicago is a great town, but it's actually kind of nice being 30 minutes outside the city in Evanston.  You definitely get a collegial feel being together on a large college campus and almost every night you can run into someone at a local bar in town.  However, they could learn a thing or two from London about how to put a proper pub together!


Payton, when do we get you to move to NYC - or will you be heading back to the Bay Area after graduation?

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