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Creating Opportunities in an Evolving Business World

Posted by Martha on 23 October 2006


The most fascinating event up to now was the Women in Business Conference on Friday: Creating Opportunities in an Evolving Business World.

I was the champion of the Leveraging Female Success Factors panel. As the champion I made sure logistics ran smooth however it was the moderator and panellists we did the real work. My panel was delivered by the ladies on the picture (from left to right):

Lynda Gratton (Professor of Management Practice at London Business School)

Hope Greenfield (Chief Learning Officer at Lehman Brothers)

Amanda Jobbins (Vice President of Marketing, EMEA, Symantec) and

Fiona Price, Entrepreneur

Wib_conference_oct_06_12The first question by Lynda was: "is there a female success factor after all?" She said research shows there are not many differences between men and women in business except for the ways to network, communicate and manage stress.

For instance: "men network with people they should, however, we network with people we like". Interesting, isn't it? The panel was full of statements like this.

One success factor was "Balance and Perspective". Hope said "I can make the time for the things that are important enough for me".

For example, Fiona (in pink) rowed for 8 years for up to three hours a day (on normal working days). If these senior busy women can do it, we MBAs should be able to do it as well.

(Following their advice, on Sunday I ran two hours around Hyde Park, the Kensington Gardens and Regent's Park. I enjoyed the long run even while under the rain and I felt great throughout the day. It helps to add balance)

Wib_conference_oct_06_07 Lynda later on summarized the panel by eight success factors, which I will publish on the Women in Business web site later on this week.

The Women in Business Executive Team (Tanya Ahluwalia, Amy Donahue, Joanne Howarth, Louise Melikian, Tulika Raj and Mélanie Robinson) and all volunteers did a tremendous work putting this event together. Well done! The conference was a highly motivating and inspiring experience for all.


Having worked on promoting opportunities for women for many years, I find it really encouraging that the issue is increasingly being taken up at the highest levels.

The mechanisms whereby many women often even now don't appear at the top are, however, still relatively unexplored. Recently I've been beginning to examine the relative exposure - or not - of women as speakers etc in conference brochures and the like (you can look up Diversity Index / Conference Diversity Index on my website if you wish). I think this is something which we need to look at further if 'extra' real progress is to be made overall.

Good luck!

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