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Citigroup Valuation Weekend

Posted by Stephen on 16 October 2006

Sorry fellow bloggers, I'm getting a bit blog happy this week. The problem is that there is too much going on to talk about.

Last weekend mainly consisted of a company valuation workshop. This training was organised by the school's finance club and was available to 100 students, for a very small cost. The training took place on Saturday and Sunday between 09.00 and 16.00, at Citigroup's offices in Canary Wharf. We covered various company valuation techniques such as DCF and comparable company analysis. It sounds quite technical, and it was.

I found the training really useful and interesting. It has certainly opened my eyes to the world of Investment Banking. I was also happy to get back to the real world and to get a feeling for how all the academic knowledge is actually applied. 

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