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Personal Improvement Starts Now

Posted by Sean on 13 September 2006

Agggh! I get a little busy, and realise that the other bloggers are stealing all my potential material! All first year MBAs are going through a pretty similar September programme, so I’ll just have to beat the others in talking about GLAM!

Yesterday we had our first GLAM class (Global Leadership Assessment for Managers). GLAM is a bit of a ‘touchy feely’ course, but its inclusion in our first month says a lot for how London Business School hopes to improve us over the next two years. As you might know, a 360 review (one aspect of GLAM) is an assessment from all different types of co-workers (bosses, peers, subordinates, clients, etc). It is anonymous and contributors are encouraged to give grades and written commentary as feedback on how you work with others. During the summer, this survey was distributed to everyone’s co-workers in their last job. The results of this 360 review along with some other emotional intelligence and personality profiling were part of yesterday’s first GLAM session. These types of assessments, being conducted at the outset of our MBA, really reflect what London Business School hopes we take away from our experience here. Starting the programme with this type of review gave me a reality check on how I am perceived by my peers. It has provided me with a base from which to personally develop (no improvement needed in my case, just development, haha). Learning practical business skills through the case studies and lectures is one aim of the programme, but also reflecting on our strengths, weaknesses, and focusing on improving ourselves to be better managers, leaders, and colleagues carries just as much importance.


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