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It's real

Posted by Sean on 05 September 2006

I’ve officially been a student for over a week now, but today it finally feels real. The past week (as you can see from the other blogs) has been a whirlwind of fun activities and meeting new people. We have been welcomed, welcomed, and welcomed again with open arms to the London Business School community. We have had terrific fun, from impromptu evenings out at the many local pubs (including the one attached to the school and the one in the school!), to organised parties and events. Yesterday we had an ‘away day’ with our streams and study groups in the English countryside at a venue that looked like an Army training site with climbing walls, ropes courses, and many other frightening setups. It was a team building day and definitely the most fun I have had in a long time (I’ll try to get some good pictures up in the next few days).

Finally though, I feel like a student. Today I woke up with classes to attend, homework to do, a full schedule of meetings with study groups, and a task list a mile long. The novelty may wear off, but right now, I’m really enjoying it.


you guys make me wanna go to london for an mba.

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