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Calm before the storm

Posted by Sean on 28 September 2006

The campus seems to have an eerie calm about it this week. It could be just in my mind, but I feel like things are about to get a bit more hectic. The month of September is really just for first year MBAs and is filled with skills development, career workshops, and two classes that are preparatory for the official Autumn term. It has been a lot of fun, very informative, and also manageable. The Autumn term, rumoured to be overloaded with work, starts next week. This week we have all been given our class binders and have purchased the books. The pre-reading for the full schedule of classes that start next week (Finance, Financial Accounting, Economics, Strategy, Ethics, and Spanish for me), will take up my weekend and then some.

It is also the time when the second year students are returning to campus, and the clubs are really starting to get under way. Our inboxes are constantly filled with emails about the various clubs, and invites to all of the first meetings and kick-off parties. Tonight is the Club Fair, which coincides with our first Sundowners (the free student bar every Thursday night), so it should be a great time. I am really looking forward to the clubs getting under way and these new classes, but three weeks from now, I may be sorely missing September… I should buckle my seatbelt tightly, as things are about to take off at light speed.


Sean, you hit the nail on the head. It really does feel like the lull before the storm. The programme office stealthily handed us 5 (!@#@) new binders over the last 2 weeks so it wouldn't freak us out all at once. I can totally sense that Oktober-Class-Fest is really when all hell breaks loose on us.

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