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Orientation Programme

Posted by Stephen on 30 August 2006

The 2 day orientation programme takes place at the home of cricket - Lords. Not particularly exciting for a soccer fan but still an interesting venue.

On day 1 the evangelistic Mr Mohan Mohan was preaching motivation, enthusiasm and positive attitude. The speech was certainly effective but when we were all told to stand up and kiss our neighbour I remember thinking that Mohan’s approach was somewhat unconventional.

The strange quickly changed to the surreal as groups of students from around the world demonstrated quintessential national or regional characteristics in hurriedly assembled skits on the stage. The German students stole the show, demonstrating their renowned sense of humour, with a rapidly improvised dating game.

The first day was wrapped up in style by a member of the faculty called Costas Markides who proceeded to make me doubt everything I know by using multiple psychological tricks and riddles to question my assumptions. This speech culminated in a motivational message expressed in a clip from the movie ‘The Dead Poets’ Society‘.

On day 2 the highlight was the speech by David Lightbody, an alumni of the school. David manages theatrical productions and so it should have come as no surprise to find that his speech was part poem, part musical, part fairytale and part song. This was surely the most imaginative speech of the programme. If only he had included a dance whilst delivering the speech, I would have been really impressed.

So that was orientation. Eclectic, bizarre, frenetic, humorous, informative and thought provoking. We even found some time for some socialising and drinking. Certainly, an experience that should be lived rather than read about and if this is a real flavour of the school the next 2 years are going to be very interesting.

Everest expedition update

Posted by Adcoms on 30 August 2006

As we speak/write, Omar Samra and Ben Stephens (MBA2007s) are beginning their 6 week journey to the summit of Cho Oyu (8,201m) in Tibet. Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world and straddles the Nepalese/Tibetan border, just West of Everest.


This climb is in preparation for their Everest attempt next year, when they plan to tackle the mountain from its South Col route, the same route taken by Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. Cho Oyu, only a few hundred metres short of Everest, -40C cold and requiring the use of supplementary oxygen, serves as a perfect training ground to fulfill their Everest dream next March/April.

In the last months, Ben and Omar have combined 12+ hour working days and intense training regime  to be in shape for this climb. Wish them luck!  You can follow their progress at www.everest2007.net (team website) and  www.omarsamra.com/everest (Omar's personal website) where they will be sending updates on their climb.

British Bank Holidays

Posted by Stephen on 28 August 2006

British bank holidays are guaranteed to be wet. So what better time to pack a rucksack and head out of London for a walking weekend in Wales.

BitscaryMy friend had suggested that we attempt the Welsh 3000s challenge last year whilst walking in the Brecon Beacons. The challenge consists of climbing the 15 Welsh peaks over 3000ft. We read that somebody had completed this course in 17hrs. If this was possible in 17 hrs then surely we could complete the challenge in a whole weekend (or so we thought). The challenge takes place in and around Snowdonia which is a mountainous national park in the North of Wales and is about a 4 hr train \ taxi journey from central London.

How wrong could we have been? I knew that we had vastly overestimated our abilities when I was crawling along the knife edge arete of our first peak (Crib Goch). The rain was coming horizontally across us in strong winds and the clouds made visibility very poor. The rocky ridge that we were crawling along had sheer drops on both sides and the rain had made everything soaking wet.


Somehow, we managed to survive this terrifying experience but the rain and fear had broken our resolve to complete the challenge and so we retired to the safety of the pub. In the end we completed 5 of the 15 peaks over 2 days. We left the last hill at 16.00 and we were back in central London by 21.00. We will be back for the rest next year.Camp Notsureaboutthis

A Googley Summer

Posted by Payton on 27 August 2006

It's been awhile since my last post, but luckily there's been a lot to talk about since then!  I've been working with Google at their headquarters in Mountain View, CA as an MBA summer intern.  Josh Eisen and I have been there representing London Business School as the first two students from our school to work at headquarters.  Hopefully we haven't ruined it for everyone else;)

The summer has been great.  I was very fortunate to work on a strategic project that spanned Google's two most profitable products, AdWords and AdSense.  I thought I knew all about them after preparing for my interviews and being somewhat tech savvy, but boy was I wrong!  Things were a lot more complicated on the inside.  Luckily, Google has the best and brightest engineers and business people in Silicon Valley working on their products.  It was truly and amazing place to be.

This week, I'm leaving for Venezula on an orientation trip before my exchange semester at Kellogg.  I'll get to meet about 20 other Kellogg students.  We're going to Los Roques national park and Margharita Island.  I'm planning on doing some bonefishing and diving.  It should be a nice break.  After that, we're going to the Dominican Republic for a week... ah, the tough life of an MBA;)

Excited Anticipation

Posted by Sean on 27 August 2006

The sleepless nights have started, but it hasn’t been because of nerves. Everything that has led me to London Business School has reassured me that I have absolutely made the right choice (both to do a full time MBA and at LBS). I have already met some friends through the admits weekend, the barbeque, and various drinks outings that have been diligently organised through Portal (the fantastic intranet that makes us already feel like a community). My sleepless nights come from the excitement of finally starting this adventure that I have spent over a year preparing for. I can’t wait any longer!

I am right now on an extended pre-term vacation, sipping a Yuengling Lager (interestingly the oldest brewery in the US even though the beer has never made it out of Pennsylvania – good pub trivia fact), and writing my first blog entry. Having lived in London for the last three years, my wife and I are doing our normal summer ritual of heading back to the US to see family and shop, shop, shop. This time is different though as I have to equip myself for a new life as a student. I am spending more time looking at jeans and nice casual clothes than looking at suits, ties, and dress shoes. It really is 'back to school' shopping like we used to do each August with my mom. I thought that the new-school-year excitement of August was long over, and it is fantastic to have it back. London Business School, here I come!

New York, New York

Posted by Natasja on 22 August 2006

Tada da da da da da, rom rom... New York, New York...

One of the reasons that I choose to come to London Business School, strangely enough, was the ample opportunity offered to take off again. I love London and I adore living here, but the opportunity to experience life in a different country is luring me away. The exchange program, with over 30 different universities, is awesome and very popular, and I've heard that roughly a third of the students go (where you go is determined by essays in which you say why you want to go to this particular university). I knew that I wanted to go as well, and luckily I got a spot at one of my shortlisted universities.

New_york_2I'm leaving to do an exchange at Stern/NYU in 10 days time. I choose to go there because I wanted to live in NYC and Stern has some interesting courses on marketing and entrepreneurship on offer that I wanted to take. I'm wrapping up my internship now (2 more days to go), trying to sort out and pack all my stuff (how did all this junk get into my house over the past year?), sorted out my visa (4 hour wait and 2 minutes of interview) and saying goodbye to my classmates who I won't see for 4 months and some even longer since some of them are going on their exchange in the second term. I'm scared and excited, and can't wait! Whilst in the US, I'll be attending a few MBA fairs in New York, Washington and Durham, so please come along and have a chat if you want to find out more about the MBA. New York, here I come!

Positions filled

Posted by Adcoms on 17 August 2006

NovacancieswebThe search is over!  Applications to join the ranks of the Inside the London MBA Bloggers closed on Monday and today we have contacted the lucky few who have been selected to blog about their first year on the MBA Programme. Watch this space for the new faces of MBA 2008.

Situations vacant: First year bloggers wanted

Posted by Adcoms on 07 August 2006

The summer break is officially over! The class of MBA2008 were officially rolled over to their new “Student” status today – which means they get full access to the internal discussion boards, can pick up their swipe cards for entry to the School (a few did so today), can use the gym and library (although the gym is currently closed for the summer refurb).  It seems like the summer gets shorter every year – it’s only been 5 weeks since we waved goodbye to MBA2006.

What’s currently a trickle of the new class arriving on campus will turn into a stream over the next week or so. The official start of term isn’t until 28 August but there’s an increasing number of the new class arriving to begin the search for accommodation.


Meanwhile, the search has begun for the bloggers of MBA2008. An advert went out today seeking volunteers to write for this blog. Watch this space for the new faces of MBA2008 coming soon!