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New admission dates 2006/07

Posted by Adcoms on 05 July 2006

Hot off the press, the Admission Committee have just released the new admission dates for the Full-time MBA Programme beginning in September 2007.  Admission is divided into 4 stages, the dates of which are:-

Application deadlines:
Stage 1: 20 October 2006
Stage 2: 05 January 2007
Stage 3: 23 February 2007
Stage 4: 27 April 2007
(Applications must be submitted by 17.00 London time).

The online application is currently being edited for the new admissions year and should be ready in late summer, however we expect to release the new essay questions later this week. View the full list of admissions requirements on our website.


This is Rohit from Seattle. I had applied to London Business School last year and was placed on the waitlist.

Although still hopeful of making from waitlist, I want to start my preparation for fall 2007.

It will be great if admission group can answer following question on reapplication process:

1.) Do I need to re-write all the essays for 2007?

2.) Do I need to submit two new recommendations? If yes, can I request my earlier referees to write the recommendation or LBS will prefer two new referees.

3.) Do I need to resend my GMAT score and TOEFL score cards?

4.) Is it possible for me to have a feedback on my earlier application.

I will appreciate if some from admission group can help me on these queries.


Hi Rohit,

Thanks for the questions. In response:-
1)Re-applicants should submit a full application, which includes the essay questions (Two of which are new this year).

2)It's your call on whether to submit new references. We will accept last years, but some people choose to submit new referees.

3)If the GMAT and TOEFL scores are still valid (Obtained within 5 years of your application) we can re-use the copies we currently hold. If the scores were obtained over 5 years ago, we would ask you to retake the test.

4)The Admissions Committee don't give specific feedback to candidates, but they do contact Waitlist candidates at the end of the admissions year with some general feedback.

Don't give up hope yet though as there's traditionally been movement from the w/list right up to the start of the programme.

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