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And now for something different

Posted by Natasja on 22 June 2006

Almost all first year MBA students are now (almost) off to their summer internships. I have friends who are here in London, but also Abu Dabi, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand and the US. There are 6 students though, that aren't going anywhere, physically at least. They form the London Business School Summer Consulting Team, and they will be doing consulting work over the summer. I'm a little bit envious because they get to run their own business, are responsible for getting clients, doing the work and getting the money. And they get to keep the money they make! I hope they do well, and wish them a lot of luck and clients over the summer.

One of the School bloggers is part of the Summer Consulting Team and I suspect he might be talking a lot about it on his blog.

What will you be doing this summer?

Posted by Adcoms on 21 June 2006

When we were setting the "Inside the London MBA" blog site up, we asked our current MBAs to come forward and tell us about their blogs, or any interesting news items that we might be able to link to.  You can see from the links down the left hand side of the page that we had quite a few volunteers on the blog front.

In addition to these blogs, we heard from a couple of MBAs who (as far as we are aware) are planning a first for anyone from the London Business School community (and Egypt) - to summit Mount Everest!

Ben Stephens and Omar Samra (MBA2007s) will be part of the London Business School Rock and Mountain Club organised expedition scheduled for May 2007 in aid of The Prince’s Trust.  In the meantime (as a gentle warm up exercise!), Ben and Omar will be spending this summer climbing Mount Cho Oyu (8,201m) the world’s 6th highest mountain.


If you want to follow the team’s progress, you can read Omar’s updates (relayed from the mountain via sat-phone) on his website at http://www.omarsamra.com/everest

Never mind the World Cup...

Posted by Adcoms on 13 June 2006

The campus has been hectic over the past few weeks with various club conferences and guest speakers coming and going. (The recent MBA Newsletter gives a round-up of the major conferences that have taken place over the last month or so)

One event that isn't listed in the newsletter however - but spawned some great video - was the Asia Club Party and their Sumo Tournament.  Thanks to Gerald Fabrot, MBA2007, for this footage.  Is this an event at the MBA Tournament?

It seems a few people have been having trouble viewing this embedded video, so for here is the file link to help you out. Download Sumo.m4v

What is this "Publish" Button?

Posted by Guillaume on 08 June 2006

Well, the London MBA Blog has launched. That’s great. Of course, the MBA2007s and MBA2005 (Siranoush, good to hear from you) have already posted something. Time the MBA 2006 representative (that’s me) gets in the dance and hits the “Publish” button.

Obviously, the MBAT victory has been covered. Let me add my own touch before we finally move on – we don’t want to sound like bragging B-school brats, do we?

Dsc01518MBAT is a great event as it is as much a competition on the side of the field that in the field. All students are cheering their team like mad. Believe me: I lost my voice for nearly a full week. What is even better is that it is all done in a good spirit as mentioned by Payton and everybody ends up partying and drinking together (can I say that here?) – of course we needed help with 3600 bottles of beer in our Red Bus!

That being said, we did steal our rival’s mascot (IESE’s Toro), who is now blogging about his year in London. I wanted to share that with you because I find this is a nice example of how creative people can be and how much fun we can have on our little campus.

By the way, that story and MBAT in general are good examples of how most students get involved in campus life. Sure, apart from my 5th place at Pétanque, my contribution for this event ended up being smuggling beer to various part of the HEC campus or ordering 80 pizzas for our MBAT sundowners (“every little helps”), But some of my fellow students really did a great job: in the spotlight (see cheerleader Nash below), behind the scenes (see Ben who is the MBA2006 official photographer since day 1), or just because they are so funny (hey Sam, I promised your picture would be online!). Let’s not forget team captain Julian and the rest of the cheering team – see Natasja’s post.

Dsc01619 Dsc01505 Dsc01511

Enough said. I’ll be back soon with more interesting information for applicants. Meanwhile if you are indeed a prospective student, you can always start reading Richard Montauk’s book and thinking about what to put in your essays in due time (it all starts here).

Top 3 questions

Posted by Natasja on 07 June 2006

When I started my MBA last year, I decided that for me one of the things that would be most valuable in my MBA were the extracurricular activities. One of my favourite activities is being a student ambassador, which means being part of a small team of students that help out the Admissions Office at events. I love meeting new people and talking till my mouth hurts, so I guess that's why I love this so much!

So what do people ask me? Here are the top 3 questions people ask me most and my answers:

* What is your background and what do you want to do post-graduation?
Answer: (see also the About page) I used to work as a consultant, liked it, but hated the travel and the fact that there's very little say in the end-decision a client makes, I want to have some responsibility! I want to move into marketing post-graduation, selling people stuff they never knew they needed.

* How do you finance this whole thing?
Answer: beg and borrow. I sold my apartment and most of the things in it and I took out an HSBC loan. My internship and Second Year project should hopefully make me some money. And yes, I do worry about it because it's a large amount. But no, I didn't let it stop me, money is just money and I'm loving my time here so it was definitely the right decision.

* How is the workload in the first year/term?
Answer: For our year, the first term was pretty rough, especially for those (like me) who had little business education background (but Programme Office has made some changes to the curriculum, making it easier for the 2008 batch). But you survive. Everyone does! The second term is lighter, to facilitate internship search, and in your third term you can choose electives, so it's up to you how tough you make it (take my advice: don't take Understanding Entrepreneurial Management with Advanced Marketing Strategy unless you're prepared to work hard!). I think at minimum it's a fulltime job, at maximum... well there is no maximum: it's up to you how much you time you decide to put into it!


Posted by Siranoush on 03 June 2006

Just playing on the site....wish I was in London. Rainy day in NY.  Siranoush

MBAT at Sundowners

Posted by Natasja on 02 June 2006

Afb0211 It's not that the School community NEEDS an excuse to have Sundowners*. We have one every Thursday. But the one last night was very special, for two reasons. First, the weather was good enough for us to be outside. Second, we won MBAT! Afb023 As Payton mentioned, London Business School brought back not only 13 trophies from the tournament, but the big one as well, and that had to be celebrated in style, out on the front lawn. (On the photo on the right: the MBAT team captain, giving his thank you speech, supported by our two mascots.)

* Sundowners: every Thursday between 6 and 8 pm (occasionally Friday between 6 - 8 pm), the whole School community gets together and unwinds in the Mbar, or if the weather is good, out on the front lawn. It's a great way of catching up with people, finding out the latest gossip, and practice your petanque or ultimate frisbee skills.

MBAT - We are the champions!

Posted by Payton on 02 June 2006

We just returned from MBAT... victorious!  For those of you who don't know what MBAT is, it's an event hosted by the French business school HEC.  Basically, it is a mini olympics for all the European business schools to compete against each other.  And just like any good MBA student should do, it provides a great opportunity to network with fellow participants from other programs.

Overall, we had a great time - even if we wouldn't have won.  I was very surprised by the level of comraderie, support and encouragement from ALL the schools.  Plus, it was great having the rest of the school there to cheer us on as each of us competed in our events - football, rugby, volleyball, squash, tennis, golf, chess, rowing, tug-of-war, ultimate frisbee, cricket, swimming, track & field and most importantly, basketball!  If you couldn't guess, that's my favorite sport and I'm happy to say we walked away with the gold this year.

Booz Allen Hamilton sponsored the event and made it possible for us to attend at a reduced price.  We were provided with a lot of gear - even our mascots came in full British regalia and a big red bus!  I can't wait for next year!