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This blog is for MBA applicants who want to know more about life as part of the London Business School community. The site is managed by the MBA Admissions Team with content provided by students and alumni.

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Inside the London MBA starts here...

Posted by Adcoms on 31 May 2006

Welcome to our Inside the London MBA blog!  We've set this site up to hopefully give an insight into the goings on within the London Business School community.  Apart from the MBA admissions team, we have guest authors from the first and second year's of the full-time MBA Programme as well as MBA alumni. Come August/September when the incoming class of MBA2008 arrives, we will hopefully add one or two new authors to our ranks!

The brief we have given to our bloggers is fairly wide: Write/photograph/video anything that you think is remotely relevant to your experiences on the MBA Programme, living in London, life as part of the London Business School community - ie. anything that might be of interest to someone who is considering whether to study an MBA here in London!

The blogger's posts aren't edited by us (we want to offer readers an authentic account of experiences from around the School - the good and the bad). We look forward to receiving comments on the site, although we will be reviewing all comments before publishing in order to minimise SPAM and to keep the conversations on topic.

We hope you find our musings useful!